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  American Academy of Actuaries
  1850 M Street NW, Suite 300
  Washington, DC 20036
  Phone: 202.223.8196
  Fax: 202.872.1948
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 Christopher Cassidy

 Staff Contacts

Mary Downs, Executive Director
Craig Hanna, Director of Public Policy
Steven Knell, Chief Financial Officer

David J. Nolan, Director of Communications

 Jen Adach
 Assistant Director of Marketing

 Joanne Anderson
 Director of Finance and Administration

 Nancy Bennett
 Senior Life Fellow

 Kathleen Bland
 Senior Staff Accountant

 Devin Boerm
Deputy Director of Public Policy

 Christopher Cassidy
Assistant Director of Technology

 Stephanie Connolly
 Legislative and Regulatory Analyst.

 Shirley Conroy
 Accounting Coordinator

 Mary Downs
 Executive Director

 Shannon Ells

 Rich Gibson
 Senior Casualty Fellow

 Heidi Guerra
 Executive Assistant

 Craig Hanna
 Director of Public Policy

 Eric Harding
 Assistant Director, Publications
 Senior Editor, Contingencies

 Aaron Helmbrecht
 Digital Communications Specialist

 Erin Hendry
 Human Resources Generalist

 Doreen Hoyle
 Editorial/Administrative Assistant

 Virginia Hulme
Standards Editor/Professionalism Coordinator

 Gail Ingram
 Assistant Director of Human Resources &
 Office Operations

 Brian Jackson
Staff Attorney

 Kristina Jackson
Senior Administrative Assistant
for Public Policy

 Steven Jackson
Assistant Director for Research

 Erica Kennedy
 Assistant Director of Professionalism 
(Actuarial Standards) 

 Steven Knell
 Chief Financial Officer

 Monica Konate
 Pension Policy Analyst

 David Linn
 Senior Policy Analyst, Health

 Mary McCracken
 Membership Database Administrator

 David Mendes
 Assistant Director of Communications
 for Public Affairs

 Emmy Mendizabal
 Membership Services Coordinator

 Michael Malloy
 Managing Editor for Member Content

 Claire Mickelson
 Senior Policy Analyst

 David J. Nolan
 Director of Communications

 Christine O'Brien
 Coordinator of Outreach & Communications

 Jonathan Rockstein
 Legal Assistant,

 Marc Rosenberg
 Senior Casualty Policy Analyst

 Kasha Shelton
 Assistant Director,
 Membership Relations/Administration

 Shaobang Sun
 Manager of Web Operations

 Ian Trepanier
 Life Policy Analyst

 Cori Uccello
Senior Health Fellow

 Denise Winston
Membership Services Assistant

 Laurie Young
Publications &
 Marketing Production Manager


Call us. Dial 202.223.8196 and ask the operator to connect you to the person you want to speak to.