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Actuaries have enjoyed robust discussions on their fluency in actuarial professionalism since the creation of the American Academy of Actuaries—the home of actuarial professionalism—50 years ago. Our latest additions to professionalism tools are eLearning modules that allow you to review the actuarial profession’s responsibilities under the Code of Professional Conduct, and then to apply those concepts in highly specific ethical situations that our members have identified as of most concern to them. You can do this through our Actuarial eLearning Center today.

Access the Actuarial eLearning Center Now. Earn continuing education for successfully completing any of the courses offered in the Actuarial eLearning Center.

Developed and maintained by the recognized subject matter experts on professionalism at the American Academy of Actuaries, the Actuarial eLearning Center provides Academy members with an opportunity to earn professionalism continuing education (CE) credits as described in the U.S. Qualification Standards (USQS). It also provides members an opportunity to test their knowledge and, with successful results, obtain a certificate documenting their completion of examinations on these professionalism concepts and applications.
The first module, “Understand the Code of Professional Conduct,” provides an introductory course on professionalism. While not a prerequisite for the second module, “Addressing Ethical Concerns”, the first module reviews the responsibilities actuaries assume under the Code to your principals, the public, and the actuarial profession.
The second module, “Addressing Ethical Concerns” is based on the ethical challenges you, our members, identified as of most concern in the ethics survey the Academy published in 2015. This module provides a decision-making framework to help you identify what to ask and what to do in ethically challenging situations, illustrated by scenarios with clear authenticity and apparent practical consequences.

The Actuarial eLearning Center provides:
  • thought-provoking and interactive courses;
  • uniquely engaging, substantive learning experiences;
  • printable Certificates of Achievement to demonstrate and document your comprehension of the course topic when you have satisfactorily completed and passed the multiple-choice final examination; and
  • seamless and secure access to the Actuarial eLearning Center with a single login to the Academy membership webpage.

The Academy plans to continue adding more modules and related materials over time, with the goal of making the Actuarial eLearning Center the premier source for U.S. credentialed actuaries’ online professionalism CE opportunities and an unparalleled opportunity for you to take assessments of your professionalism knowledge in a documentable way. Future content will cover the latest professionalism topics and trends, and eventually current legislative and public policy initiatives.

Access the Actuarial eLearning Center Now
Earn continuing education for successfully completing any of the courses offered in the Actuarial eLearning Center.

CE Credit Hours Available You may count toward your annual CE as much reasonable time as you actually spent reviewing the course. For the first module on the Code, our testers spent between 30 and 50 minutes taking the course. For the second module, the range was 50 minutes to 115 minutes.

After completing each interactive course, you have the option of taking an exam to test your understanding of the material. After passing the examination, you will receive a certificate that you can use to document and illustrate your understanding of the topics. Online learning such as this self-study through e-modules would be considered an “other activity” rather than an “organized” activity under the USQS because it does not include real-time interaction of the actuary with other actuaries or professionals.

How to Use the Actuarial eLearning Center
  • Log in using your Academy login information.
  • Click to choose which course(s) you would like to complete.
  • Confirm your payment option and submit payment.
  • Follow the instructions to navigate through the course(s) and take the final examination(s). You may pause the course(s) and restart at the point at which you paused. (Please note, however, that the final examination(s) must be completed in a single session and cannot be paused and restarted.)
  • The system will provide a printable Certificate of Achievement to participants who score 80 percent or higher.

Individual eLearning Course $125
Both eLearning Courses $200 BUNDLE DISCOUNT
Regulator Price—Individual eLearning Course $60

The Actuarial eLearning Center will automatically track and store your results, which you can view at any time by logging in to the center.

Start earning your CE online today.

If you have any nontechnical questions about the Actuarial eLearning Center, please contact Virginia Hulme, Standards Editor/Professionalism Coordinator, at For technical questions, please contact