Volunteer for PAL

Have you ever wondered how you could use your actuarial expertise for the public good?

The Pension Assistance List, or "PAL," is a nationwide referral service created by the American Academy of Actuaries. It is open to actuaries who are interested in helping individuals understand their pension benefits.

Taking part in PAL is a great way for actuaries to help clear up some of the misconceptions participants may have about actuaries. PAL gives you a chance to serve both the profession and the public good.

The program also has another advantage. PAL can broaden actuaries' understanding of the concerns participants have about their pension plans. In the long run, that knowledge can only benefit you and other Academy members in your practices.

If you are interested in participating in PAL, please fill out and submit the following form. If you need more information, please contact the PAL program coordinator at 202-223-8196.

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