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August 23, 2012

Academy Election Results Announced

The 2012 election of Regular Directors for the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Actuaries is now complete. Congratulations to:
  • Katie Campbell
  • Godfrey Perrott
  • Shari Westerfield
18.7 percent of our members cast votes in the election. While we would like to see a greater voter turnout, this is a higher percentage than our inaugural online voting experiment in 2011. Thank you to all Academy members who voted in this election!

The terms of the new members on the Academy Board of Directors will begin at the close of the Oct. 15 annual meeting of Academy membership.

August 17, 2012

Academy Board of Directors Election Closed Aug. 17

Voting has closed for the 2012 election for three open Regular Director positions for three-year terms on the Academy Board of Directors. Thanks to the thousands of Academy members who participated. Results will be announced in advance of the Academy’s Oct. 15 annual meeting.

August 13, 2012

Academy Regular Director Election Closes Friday, Aug. 17, at 5 p.m. EDT

Don’t miss this opportunity to vote for three open Regular Director positions on the Academy Board of Directors. Member emails with a unique link to vote were sent from “American Academy of Actuaries Election Coordinator” from the email address "" Vote now!

July 20, 2012

Academy Regular Director Election Launches July 23 with Emailed Ballot Link

Watch your email on Monday, July 23, for your unique link to cast your ballot for Academy Regular Director candidates. The email will come from the email address; please add this address to your “safe sender” list.

July 20, 2012

Read Regular Director Candidate Responses to Member-Submitted Questions

Read the responses from each of the five 2012 candidates for the three open Regular Director positions on the Academy Board of Directors to member-submitted questions.

June 22, 2012

Review Regular Director Candidates for 2012 Election

Read Nominating Committee Chairperson Ken Hohman’s message to Academy members with comprehensive election news about the candidates for three Regular Director positions on the Academy’s Board of Directors. This is the second year that Academy members will be casting their votes in an online election and the first year of a competitive election for one of those three Regular Director positions.

June 1, 2012

Nominating Committee Announces 2012 Officer Candidates

The Academy Board of Directors will vote on the slate of 2012 officer candidates at its annual meeting, which will be held with its regular fall board meeting on Oct. 11. The Academy’s Nominating Committee has recommended to the board a slate of officers led by Tom Terry, president of TTerry Consulting in Chicago and chairperson of the Public Interest Committee, as the candidate for Academy president-elect in 2013.
In a report delivered at the May 17 meeting of the Academy’s Board of Directors, the committee also named Art Panighetti, an actuary at Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee, to serve as the Academy’s treasurer and nominated Steve Rosen, senior consultant at Stephen H. Rosen and Associates in Haddonfield, N.J., to serve for a third year as the Academy’s secretary. The secretary and treasurer positions are elected annually by the board, with a limit of three consecutive one-year terms. Panighetti previously served on the Academy’s board as 2010–2011 vice president for life issues.
On the slate to fill what will be three open vice president positions on the board are: Mike Angelina, executive director of Academy Risk Management and Insurance at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, for casualty; David Shea, an actuary in Richmond, Va., for health; and Karen Terry, assistant vice president and actuary at State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co. in Bloomington, Ill., for professionalism. Vice presidents serve a two-year term on the board.

April 27, 2012

Nominations for Regular Director on the Academy Board of Directors closed on April 27 at 5:00 p.m.

March 22, 2012

Nominations Open for Regular Directors on the Academy Board of Directors

As was announced in the Actuarial Update in January and February, Academy members will be voting online again in 2012 to elect three Regular Directors to the Academy Board. For a second year, Academy members can nominate themselves or others by petition for consideration as a candidate for Regular Director. The Academy Board instituted the nomination-by-petition process in 2011 on a trial basis with the goal of allowing for competitive elections for Regular Director. Although no members submitted nominating petitions in 2011, the Board has decided to continue the trial for 2012.

The Nominating Committee, given the likely composition of officers to be elected by the Academy Board of Directors later this year, expects that the three Regular Director vacancies for this election should be filled by two Health practitioners and one from any other practice area to maintain the balance of practice area representation across the entire Board as provided in the Nominating Committee Guidelines.

You can nominate a colleague—or yourself—for consideration as a candidate for Regular Director on the Academy Board of Directors. Nominating petitions are now available on the Academy website. At least 50 signatures of Academy members representing at least five employers is the minimum requirement to place a member’s name in front of the Academy’s Nominating Committee. The deadline to submit completed petitions is April 27. A complete description of the petition requirements and procedures is appended to the nominating petitions available online.

The petition process is in addition to our long-standing procedure of requesting members to recommend themselves or others for Regular Director positions by submitting a name or names directly to the Nominating Committee.

Taking into consideration suggestions from members (including self-recommendations), the Nominating Committee will name a candidate for each Regular Director position. Individuals who satisfy the petition process also will be on the ballot to the extent that not more than five candidates will be presented for any open position. The Nominating Committee will make the final determination regarding the candidates to appear on the ballot based on the specialty, business affiliation, and employer balance required to best represent the membership of the Academy.

Check the Academy Board Election Center for more information and updates on the 2012 Academy elections.

January 31, 2012

Online Voting Returns for 2012 Regular Director Election

Academy members will be voting online again in 2012 to elect at least three regular directors to the Academy board of directors. Following a successful one-year test of online voting in 2011, the board voted at its Jan. 18 meeting to adopt online voting for 2012 and future years. The specific dates of the election have not been set, but it is expected to be conducted for several weeks in late summer.

The board also voted to continue for a second year the one-year trial process by which Academy members can use a petition process to nominate themselves or others for consideration as an Academy regular director. This is in addition to the existing nomination procedures by which (1) members can recommend themselves or others for regular director by submitting a name or names directly to the Nominating Committee and (2) the Nominating Committee can reach out directly to members and ask them to seek election to the board as a regular director. Several current regular directors have been nominated and elected as a result of the existing process, by which they indicated their interest in the position directly to the Nominating Committee.

The board instituted the petition process on a one-year trial basis in 2011 with the goal of allowing competitive elections for regular director. Although no members submitted nomination petitions in 2011, the board recognized that the nomination-by-petition process was adopted in May last year, leaving only a relatively brief time for members to complete, circulate, and submit petitions. “We hope that by continuing the test for another year and by starting the process much earlier, we can better determine members’ interest in nominations by petition and competitive elections for regular director,” Academy President Dave Sandberg said.

As in 2011, nominating petitions must carry the valid signatures of at least 50 Academy members representing a minimum of five different employers.

The Nominating Committee may place up to five nominees on the ballot for each of the open regular director positions for the class of 2015. Nominating Committee guidelines suggest that practice area representation across the entire board be considered when nominating regular directors. As officer candidates are identified, the Nominating Committee will announce the practice areas it expects regular director nominees to represent.

Chaired by 2010 Academy President Ken Hohman, the Nominating Committee includes President Dave Sandberg, Immediate Past President Mary Frances Miller, and President-Elect Cecil Bykerk. Filling out the committee are one regular director from each of the three classes of Academy regular directors (Mary D. Miller, 2012; Jeff Petertil, 2013; Mary Bahna-Nolan, 2014) and the four special directors whose terms expired in 2011 (Annie Voldman, ACOPA; Ralph Blanchard, CAS; Adam Reese, CCA; Don Segal, SOA).

“The Nominating Committee strongly encourages Academy members to participate in this process by letting us know your recommendations for open regular director positions,” Hohman said. You can submit recommendations (including your own name) by visiting the online Academy Board Election Center.

The three regular directors whose terms expire in 2012 are Mary D. Miller (Casualty), Dave Neve (Life), and Shari Westerfield (Health). Westerfield was elected in 2010 to serve the remaining two years of the term that was vacated when Tom Wildsmith was elected by the board of directors to be the vice president of the Academy’s Health Practice Council.

Participation in the online voting in 2011 exceeded expectations, Mary Frances Miller told the board. The benchmark for associations the size of the Academy, with a history of online voting and with competitive elections, is a 15 percent participation rate. More than 17 percent of Academy members participated in the first online election, with a significant plurality of those who left comments praising the convenience and comprehensiveness of the online voting process.