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March 30, 2018

Submit Suggestions for Regular Directors

Regular directors are elected to the Academy Board of Directors by the Academy membership in an online election during the summer from a slate of candidates presented by the Academy’s Nominating Committee. The committee will meet over the coming month to identify new candidates for regular directors in accordance with the Nominating Committee Guidelines.

The Academy holds uncontested elections. Some will recall that the Board experimented several years ago with contested elections for regular director seats over a two- or three-year period, as a means of testing a voting tradition that some other actuarial associations have. After several years of the experiment, the Board made a decision three years ago to reaffirm the longstanding Academy process of holding uncontested elections.

The Academy’s Nominating Committee tries to ensure that the Academy’s Board composition reflects our unique position as the U.S. national organization established to include actuaries from all practice areas—as well as an equitable distribution among actuarial specialties, business affiliations, and employers. To achieve such a balance, the Academy’s nominating process has long relied primarily on a Nominating Committee process that entrusts that committee with identifying Academy volunteers whose service to the Academy has made them an excellent candidate for service on our Board, which is dedicated to furthering our public policy and professionalism mission. The committee carefully vets candidates for appropriateness in accordance with the guidelines. The Nominating Committee looks for candidates for regular directors who have served the Academy, often through having been chairpersons on Academy committees and task forces. In addition, the Nominating Committee welcomes input from the membership at large—through this announcement, the Nominating Committee is asking you directly for submission of any recommendations you want to ask them to consider for regular director candidates.

The nominating process is designed to ensure that all candidates bring deep expertise and experience, and also significant knowledge of the Academy’s history, mission, and priorities.

Please share your recommendation by submitting the member’s name and information here in the Academy Board Election Center no later than May 15, 2018. Results of the nominating process will be announced in future publications, including This Week and Actuarial Update.

Academy members are invited to nominate themselves or others for consideration as a candidate to be a regular director on the Academy’s Board of Directors. Simply submit your nomination to the Academy’s Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee may also be reaching out directly to members and asking them to seek election to the Board as a regular director.